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To Move or Stay Put?

The main reasons people appear to want to move house are varied; to step onto the housing ladder, through necessity/change in circumstances, job relocation, down/up-size or change in lifestyle. With the cost of moving and an apparent shortage, it seems, of new property coming onto the market, we have noticed an increase in enquiries from people wishing to stay in their homes, and looking to remodel or extend; they enjoy their homes, don’t really want to have to move, and just want to make their property work for them.

Open plan living has certainly become more popular; practical, open and light living/family space combined with kitchen/dining, offers a much more sociable way of living.  Of course, additional bedrooms and bathrooms and/or en-suite’s also remain on the majority of peoples’ hit lists.

Josh’s experience encompasses a period of in excess of 20 years and covers a wide range of property types, from Listed and period properties to new homes and full renovation projects. Offering a professional and tailored design service, Josh works on every project himself, so each client can be assured that their project receives a bespoke service from beginning to end. It is his ambition to make the world of design accessible to all and he believes that good design should not be a luxury.

Josh says:The design process is a complex procedure, and as a designer I instinctively use a multitude of technical and creative skills to form each unique design. Professional training, experience and knowledge of styles, function of spaces, human proportions, etc., give me the ability to process this information, not forgetting the ability to observe, listen and ask the right questions.

Josh offers a FREE initial consultation, so if you need to extend or remodel your home, update your home with new colours, lighting and soft furnishings and need some advice, or anything in between, do give us a call to discuss your requirements, we are always happy to assist. Tel:  01531 890860 or email: info@joshthomasdesignhouse.co.uk

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